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Meet our Ambassadors!

Hannah Robillard @hannahclairefit

"I'm a registered dietitian, and being able to see the impact I have in people's lives through the nutrition advice I am able to give them gives me the drive to not only help them, but also work harder to achieve my own goals."

Maiyah Kenz @ohmiymiy

"Competing with myself is what motivates me. I want to be better, stronger, kinder, and happier. Helping other people and sharing what I love motivates me."


Roxy Corbacioglu @roxyjaye

"I have never been more motivated since having my [2 year old] son in my life. Being a fit mum encourages me to push beyond limits each and every day...failing is never an option!"

Mary Agan @mary_agan

"Seeing all of the things I have been able to make it through so far keeps me pushing forward and wanting to improve myself in every aspect of life. [Having] a platform where I can influence people every day always keeps me wanting to be the most real and genuine person I can be for anyone looking up to me."

Christina Choulagh @fittiewap

"I do something a lot of women are still scared of and some men still don't take seriously. I break the stereotypes for women powerlifters."

Macey Creech @maceyleeanne

"Live a lifestyle that inspires others to love themselves as they are, but allows themselves to grow and do better...I aim to live that way myself, and encourage others to find their happiness, health, and love for life in whatever that may be."

Kate Howe @_katehowe

"My past was rocky, tough, hard, sad...I let it fuel my fire. I know what it means to struggle, but I don't let those struggles define me, I let them lift me up. I want to be able to help other people who are scared and feel like they have nobody to turn to. I want to inspire people to push harder when they feel like they can't anymore."

Ann-Marie Borell @amz_bro

"I love fitness and I am a huge mental health advocate. Being able to reach people and help them become comfortable in their own skin via mental health support and fitness advice brings me the best feeling. The ability to change people's lives through social media amazes me."

Laysa Neto @laysanetofit

"Motivation comes from within and from what you surround yourself with. Having that mental strength is so important to complete your physical one. When you can do that, you can inspire others...Empowering other women is a beautiful thing."


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